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Morning Rituals To Transform Your Life

September 25, 2018

Morning Rituals To Transform Your Life

How you start your morning can set the tone for the rest of the day. By adopting few simple rituals you can gain control over your day and have a great day every day. No more waking up on the wrong side of the bed. 

Wake up at the right time
Some people wake up at 5 am some at 10 am and there is no right or wrong. You need to listen to your body and wake up when your natural clock says you should, this way you will be more productive. Your body actually knows what it should be doing and when. So don't try to be part of the 5 am morning club when you are actually a night owl. 

Power stretch to set your intention for the day
Before you get up, or reach for your phone or do anything else, stretch as wide as possible. Arms up, legs outstretched. This is a power pose that will charge you with purpose for the rest of your day. Most people sleep in a fetal position which can translate into less confidence in our waking hours. Research shows that people who practice this simple V stretch are ridiculously happy so give it a try.

Get your body moving
A short workout, yoga or simply some stretches will wake up your body and mind. Not to mention it is beneficial for your circulation and joint flexibility. And don't feel you have to go to the gym to do this, you can have a simple routine at home. 

Drink water 
Hydration first thing in the morning will kick-start your day and give you lasting energy. Try drinking a liter of water in the first 45 min when you wake up. If this seems a lot start with a glass but trust us it is not too much. Water fires up your metabolism, hydrates you, helps your body flush out toxins, gives your brain fuel, and may even make you eat less.

Practice mindfulness
Mindfulness is developing the capacity to bring your attention to all aspects of your life, and is characterized by participation in the experience of the moment. The idea is to slow down instead of rushing to get out of the door. This could be practicing yoga, a short meditation or simply be in the moment while doing usual tasks like showering or putting your make up on. Focus your mind on every action, sensation, and smell. This way you will start your day calm and be more focused. 
Eliminate decision-making
The thought of making too many decisions in the morning will slow you down and drain your brain for the rest of the day. If you can eliminate decision-making from your mornings, you'll have more energy and time to have the most productive morning you can! So spend few minutes the night before to prepare for the next day. Write your to-do list, decide what you will wear, prepare your breakfast, etc.

Write a journal
You may or may not have the time for this but it is something extremely beneficial for your mind. You can be intentional and write your goals for the day or simply write what comes to mind. Doing so will lead to great insights, unblocked creativity, inspiration and a better relationship with ourselves. It’s designed as a sort of ‘brain dump’ – to get all the whiny, petty nonsense out of our brains and onto the page, so we are free to focus on other things.

You are the only one who knows what your morning routine will look like. But we encourage you to have one. It can give you focus and purpose, can anchor you and profoundly transform you into a happier more productive you. So think of what would be your ideal morning routine and then actually stick to it.

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