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about hours&hours

Founder of hours&hours

My idea was simple – to help people feel good.

The bed is where we begin and end our day, and the quality of our sleep affects our entire life. And I believe comfortable, soft, breathable bed linens are essential for a positive sleeping experience and a happier life.

I got my first sewing machine when I was just 5 years old – but despite my early aspirations to become a famous fashion designer, life took me in a different direction: Hollywood. The long, stressful hours working in the film industry made me realize the importance of rest and sleep.

That’s why I created HOURS&HOURS and set out to make the perfect bed sheets, delivered straight to your door. Premium materials and true craftsmanship should be accessible to everyone because we all deserve a good night sleep, a better life and more time for the things that really matter.  

- Ginka Kostova, Founder 

Guiding Principles


Modern and effortless basics for the everyday life

High-quality craftsmanship made to last

Sustainable and ethical manufacturing

Affordable superb quality and luxury

About Our bed sheets


Crafted in Portugal - start to finish, by the most skillful artisans using 100% combed long staple cotton. Our factory is family owned and has been in business for over 90 years making bed sheets for luxury brands in Europe.

The Highest Quality Cotton There Is

Long staple for stronger and yet softer hand-feel.


Why Not Egyptian Cotton?

We believe in accessible luxury and Egyptian Cotton is very very expensive.

But we assure you, our bed sheets are even better, let us explain...

Single Ply Yarn

For The Softest Fabric On Earth

So you can fall asleep in less than 5 minutes


Forget About The Thread Count

It is really not important. It is the quality of the thread not the count that matters.

Breathable For Good Night Sleep

Percale is lighter airier fabric - effortless and casual

Sateen is buttery soft and lustrous - luxurious and elegant


Finished To Perfection...

By a weaver with over 90 years of experience with bed sheet fabric.

Tradition and modern technology is what makes our fabric incredible.


No Toxic Chemicals

And we are certified too. For truly sweet dreams...


Stonewashed And Garment Dyed

For one of kind look and the ultimate softness. Sleep has never been so beautiful.

Sewn In The Same Factory

For truly exceptional craftsmanship from start to end. Minimizing the carbon footprint too...

Bed Sheets Designed To Last

We spend months developing these bed sheets for your comfort, good night sleep and happy moments - in bed and outside of it.

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