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I still remember when I was a child, helping to hang the freshly washed laundry - snow white bedsheets gently swaying in the wind and running through them, intoxicated by the clean smell of the soap. Today we don't use simple soap any more and we have driers but we still love the clean smell of freshly laundered sparkling bedsheets.

Here is how you can take better care of your bedding.


How often you should change your bedsheets? We spend a lot of time in them so sweat and dirt accumulates fast. Because of this, change your sheets at least once a week. Change the pillowcases even more often - they touch our faces and collect even more microscopic irritants. Especially for people with allergies and skin problems. And how can you resist the amazing feeling of going to bed in clean sheets?!

Have few sets of sheets for each bed and alternate them, this way they will last longer.

Wash your bedhseets on the gentle cycle with warm water. The sheets really doesn't need much agitation to be cleaned. Hot water will wear the fibers much faster and again modern laundry detergents are very advanced and we don't need hot water to clean them properly. Which is also good for your electricity bill.

use high quality softener - it makes a difference. Softeners also help for faster drying.

Never overload your washer. Bed sheets are large items and they need space to turn inside the machine. Cramming them can cause tear which nobody wants!


The best way is to line-dry your bedsheets. This will preserve the fibers and colors. This is how grandma's linens still look amazing! And it is better for the environment!

But we understand that that is not always possible so if you must dry them in a drier, please use low temperature and the least amount of time. Putting extra time "just in case" is a mistake most people make which causes the sheets to shrink and wrinkle more. So we encourage you to experiment and find the best setting - it is worth it.


If you are one of those people who iron their bedsheets, our greatest respect! We have some bad news for you.

You absolutely should not iron your bedsheets! If you do, you will destroy the oh, so soft surface layer of the fabric and the hand feel will not be the same.


other care

Ideally, you should replace your bedsheets every 2 years. With proper care, they can last a little longer.

Change your bedsheets once a week and the pillowcases every day.

Cotton is a natural fiber and it needs to breathe. Keep your sheets in a well-ventilated space, never in a plastic box which can cause mildew and yellowing.