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Кашмирени Чорапи за Спане

Light Grey
Dark Grey
Light Blue
Light Pink

Щастието е в малките неща. Като стопляне на краката в луксозно-меки кашмирени чорапи в края на деня. Носете ги и в леглото, за дълбок сън в тази студена зимна нощ.
  • 100% Кашмир
  • Made in a small factory in the cashmere capital QingHe County in China
  • One Size Fits All
  • For Women 

Care Instructions:

Cashmere is a very delicate fiber but if you follow these simple instructions it will last you for years.

  • Some pilling is normal due to the very fine fibers of the cashmere yarn (this is why is so soft) but over time it will reduce until it stops completely
  • These socks are not to be worn with shoes. The rubbing of the shoe will cause the yarn to pile and eventually to wear off. Enjoy them at home and in bed.
  • Wash on the gentle cycle at low temperature but not cold
  • Use only detergent for wool
  • Air dry

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